Payment solutions for easier trade.

Pay Vendors your way with a choice of Credit Terms, Direct Debit, Credit Card, Direct Deposit for invoices $250 – $250,000 with no limit per invoice.

Customer Benefits

Choice of payment methods to pay your way. Match your Cashflow needs.

Buy now, pay later with HorecaPay. Access to $250 - $250,000k with no limit per invoice.

Access better pricing, discounts and secure limited inventory by paying in full and instantly.

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Apply for a HorecaPay account in minutes. No asset security is required. Get a decision in minutes for amounts under $3k and 1 business day for amounts over $3k.

Same Day Settlement

Make payments with same day settlement direct to a Vendors bank account.

HorecaPay is Interest Free

Flexible repayment options and no interest, ever. Now that’s refreshing.

Simple Fee Structure

No set up fees, no minimums, no lock-in contracts and no hidden fees. Simply pay 1.95% plus GST, per transaction.

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How It Works

Step 1 – Apply Online

Apply online and get approval in under 48 hours.

Step 2 – Account Set Up

Once approved you will automatically see HorecaPay as a payment method on your profile.

Step 3 – Pay With HorecaPay

Start trading using HorecaPay payments! Make payments direct to a Vendors bank account with same-day settlement.

Want to learn more?

HorecaPay FAQs

Powerful payment solutions for B2B trade.

HorecaPay is FREE to join. Simply book a demo to start your journey.

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