FAQs - Customers


What is an order?

We consider your confirmation to Purchase, as an “Order”. However, we will Confirm your order after payment has been received, or as per the Credit Terms applicable to your HorecaMarket.Global account.

How do I check my order status?

If you have a HorecaMarket.Global account, you can sign in to check your Order Status. Once your order ships, you will receive a shipping notification that includes tracking information. You can track your shipment through the carrier using this information.

What should I do if I cannot complete the checkout process?

If you have correctly entered all your information and are unable to complete the checkout process, we may need further information for our security checks. Please contact us using the Contact Us:  Here seven days a week, 9 a.m.-9 p.m. AEST to verify your information so we can process your order. We will endeavour to contact you as soon as possible.  

What should I do if I'm having trouble when placing an order?

For any technical difficulties you are experiencing with the website, please contact us using the Contact Us form:  Here

How do I check my order custom status?

If you have a placed a Custom Order with a Vendor, you can sign in to check your Order Status. Once your order ships, you will receive a shipping notification that includes tracking information. You can track your shipment through the carrier using this information. If you require delivery timing details, then you are best placed to contact the Vendor directly. You can do so on the HorecaMarket.Global Vendor home page, using the ‘Contact Vendor’ button. The Vendor will receive an instant message with your enquiry.

How do I place an order?

Placing an online order requires just a few, simple steps: Select the item you would like to purchase, and click the ‘Buy Now’ button from either the quick view or product detail page (this will add your product to cart). You can then choose to continue shopping or go directly to Checkout. Once you are finished shopping, click on Shopping Cart at the top right corner of page, and follow the Checkout steps. You will receive an email confirming your order that includes your order number.

Can I set up a Recurring or standing order?

In short, YES. If you order things like Milk, Bread or alike, you may be able to save on delivery charges by creating a recurring or standing order, for repeat purchases. Our platform allows you to create such orders from your chosen Wholesalers.

Can you schedule particular items to be delivered at a later date?

Order for tomorrow, next week or any date you choose, using the order note functions you can ask the wholesaler to deliver the particular order at a later date.

Size Guide

How do I know which size to choose?

You can compare how different sizes relate to the garment by clicking the size options in the top right corner and then choosing the size that matches your fit preferences.

How do I know what size to buy?

To assist you with sizing, we provide you with Brand specific size charts on our product pages.   We understand that different brands, adopt different sizing methods and measurements, which is why we try our best to provide you with customised size charts according to the brand you’re browsing. If you are unsure of the suitability of the product or size for your requirements, it is best to check with the Vendor prior to purchasing.


Can I pay by PayPal ?

HorecaMarket.Global does not accept PayPal.

When will my card be charged?

Your card will be charged once your order has been confirmed. If you decide you want to return a product, the amount will be credited back to your card account, subject to our Returns Policy. Please note, that certain products are subject to the Vendor’s Returns policy, which is published on the Vendors store home page.

Which type of Payment Cards do you accept?

At HorecaMarket.Global, you can easily and securely pay by card. We accept MasterCard, Visa, and American Express, in addition to Debit cards.

How do I apply for a Credit Account?

First, you must have a basic account profile with HorecaMarket.Global. Once logged in to the account, you will see an option to Apply for Credit.   Credit Accounts are granted to approved businesses, only when the usual Credit Application criteria has been met.   Above a certain limit, a Credit Account must be guaranteed by a Guarantor, which may or may not be a Director of the Company who operates the business account.

Can I pay by Direct Debit?

Yes, this is our preferred method of payment on the platform.

Can I set up Automatic Credit Card Payments?

HorecaMarket.Global have multiple payment options, including credit cards. These are charged according to your existing terms, which can be automatically marked to be paid on the Invoice Due Date.    All payments by Credit Card incur a Credit Card Surcharge which is provided by Stripe Payments   1.8% (as of 25-4-2021)

Does HorecaMarket.Global charge a Credit Card Surcharge?

All payments by Credit Card incurr a Credit Card Surcharge which is provided by Stripe Payments   1.8% (as at 25-4-2021)


Please note that each voucher code may only be used once.

For vouchers from campaigns in our newsletter, magazine etc:   Only one voucher can be redeemed per order. However, Promotional vouchers can be used in conjunction with credit from a gift voucher Please check the expiry date of your promotional voucher Certain vouchers may not be used to purchase discounted items Some vouchers may only be valid for particular brands and categories Some vouchers may have a minimum order value Vouchers can only be redeemed once If Vouchers are issued as part of a condition of Sale, they can only be redeemed once receipt of all goods has occurred If you send goods back, we reserve the right to not renew the validity of your promotional voucher. Bulk discount / packaged deals. When using a promotional voucher, we reserve the right to charge you the original price of the product(s), if – due to a cancellation – the total value of that product or products, falls below (or changes the value or terms) of the promotional offer.    

How can I redeem my promotional voucher?

The procedure is the same as gift vouchers:   Once you have chosen your product(s) and added to cart, proceed to Checkout. At Checkout, choose your payment method. It’s on this page that you can also enter your promotional voucher code. Click on ‘Redeem’ to use your discount. (If you forget to enter the details here, you will have one more chance during the checkout process, before completing your purchase). The discount amount is automatically deducted from the total order value. Click on ‘Next’ to see a summary of your order. If necessary, you can still amend your order at this stage. If you change your mind, you can delete your voucher code, either on the ‘Payment Method’ page or on the ‘Place Your Order’ page. Just click on the cross to the left of the discount.

Shipping and Delivery

Do you offer express delivery?

As HorecaMarket.Global is a Vendor – Drop Ship model, we cannot offer Express Shipping on all products.   However, it may be offered by Specific Vendors on Specific products.  

What are my delivery options?

You can choose between two delivery methods: delivery or pick-up. Delivery is the standard delivery option, with the parcel being delivered to the address specified by you. This can be a billing address or any other address (such as your work address) you choose. You will have the option to specify this address during the order process. During the order process, you will be given the option of delivery or pick up.

How much does delivery and returns cost?

Delivery/ freight charges are set by the Vendor and will be shown at Check Out. Return costs are set by the Vendor and are shown on the Vendor’s Store – Home Page

What is Drop Shipping?

All physical products (as opposed to services) are shipped directly by the Vendor when sold through HorecaMarket.Global.   You can refer to your order dashboard to check if an order has been dispatched, as well as see the relevant tracking ID #.   Any queries regarding product shipments should be directed to the product’s Vendor.

What Areas do you NOT deliver to for Alcohol?

Alcohol and Dry Area restrictions for Queensland & The Northern Territory

Delivery of freight into the areas specified is restricted.

HorecaMarket.Global and its couriers will not deliver to the following postcodes.
– Aurukun Postcode – 4871
– Bamaga Postcode – 4876
– Cherbourg Postcode – 4605
– Doomadgee Postcode – 4830
– Hope Vale Postcode – 4871
– Injinoo Map Postcode – 4876
– Kowanyama Postcode – 4871
– Lockhart River Postcode – 4871
– Mapoon Postcode – 4871
– Mornington Island Postcode – 4825
– Napranum Postcode – 4874
– New Mapoon Postcode – 4876
– Palm Island Postcode – 4816
– Pormpuraaw Postcode – 4871
– Seisia Postcode – 4876
– Umagico Postcode – 4876
– Woorabinda Postcode – 4713
– Wujal Wujal Postcode – 4873
– Yarrabah Postcode – 4871

What is your quality Guarantee?

Provenance Guarantee   All products for sale on HorecaMarket.Global come with our assurance that we guarantee the source and quality of products supplied. Please see our Terms and Conditions for further details.   

Can I click and Collect?

Click & Collect In-Store Pick-up, may not be an option from certain Vendors, if it is:

– Shop online Add the products to your Cart
– Proceed to Checkout
– When given the option: ‘Shipping Address’ Choose ‘In-Store Pick-up’ and then proceed to payment
– We’ll contact you with pick up details within 24 hours
– You can then collect your order from the specified date and time sent to you

What is your shipping policy?

Free shipping is offered on selected products and set by the Vendor.   When free shipping is offered, this may subject to exclusions zones.

Upon placement of order, additional charges may apply. For any further assistance, please contact us.

Shipping is automatically calculated during checkout, however you can get estimated shipping costs before you checkout in your Shopping Cart.  

Where a delivery is not effected due to the provided delivery address being unattended, or where the recipient cannot provide satisfactory proof of age upon request, you will be charged a fee for re-delivery of your purchase.

We reserve the right to decline delivery of goods to any customer at our sole discretion absolutely.   Please allow 3-7 working days to most areas for delivery. (excludes Equipment)   Deliveries are only available within Australia – at this stage.

Insurance & Breakage, is it covered?

Given the commercial nature of the products sold on HorecaMarket.Global it is the Customers responsiblity to Insure all Goods in Transit from the time of placing the order. All goods are sold on an CFR basis.

What does CFR mean?

Cost and freight (CFR) is a legal term used in trade contracts. In a contract specifying that a sale is cost and freight on HorecaMarket.Global, the  VENDOR  is required to arrange and pay for the carriage of goods to the destination address. With a cost and freight sale, the Vendor is  not responsible  for procuring marine Transit insurance against the risk of loss or damage to the cargo during transit.

What happens if my order is short supplied?

Short Supplied orders: In the first instance please raise your concerns with the Vendor. If the Vendor accepts your Claim for a Short Delivery, they will need to advice HorecaMarket.Global to raise a Credit Note on your account. At our discretion, and depending on the circumstances we may offset the applicable refund against any outstanding invoice on your account, or refund it to you partially or in full.        

My Account

Do I need a Liquor License to register?

Given we sell 1000’s of products, many of which are not Alcohol, No, not unless you intend to purchase Alcohol. If you do intend to purchase alcohol, you will need to appropriate a Liquor License.

How do I apply for a Credit Account?

  First, you must have a basic account profile with HorecaMarket.Global. Once logged in to the account, you will see an option to Apply for Credit.   Credit Accounts are granted to approved businesses, only when the usual Credit Application criteria has been met.   Above a certain limit, a Credit Account must be guaranteed by a Guarantor, which may or may not be a Director of the Company who operates the business account.     How to Apply for a Credit Account How to Apply for Credit with HorecaMarket.Global Thank you for your interest in becoming a Customer, to register firstly go here to apply:   https://HorecaMarket.Global/register   Once you have done this you will have a Customer Number.   You will need to have placed a minimum of 3 prepaid orders on the marketplace prior to your Credit Account application being accepted.   You can now apply for Credit for your venue.   Steps Involved:   1. You will need to complete the following online forms: Application for Credit – Commercial Trading Account >  https://Horecamarket.global/en/application-for-credit-commercial-trading-account Application for Credit – Guarantor – Guarantee and Indemnity >  https://Horecamarket.global/en/application-for-credit-guarantor-guarantee-and-indemnity Application for Credit – General Credit Terms > https://HorecaMarket.Global/en/application-for-credit-general-credit-terms   2. Once these mandatory forms are completed we can then assess your Company for credit.   3. Typically our turn around time is expected to be within 24-48 hours. However, depending on your entity and data provided, we may approve you as quickly as within an hour.   4. Our determination will be final. If you have been declined, we will happily reassess and invite you to reapply, after you have been trading with HorecaMarket.Global for more than 3 months. Minimum spends apply.   If you have further questions you can contact us here:  https://Horecamarket.global/contactus  

How do I reset my password ?

To reset your password simply click ‘Login’ on the top right hand corner of this page. Then click on “Forgot Password?” under “I am a returning customer”.   Enter your email address and click send.   You will receive an email with a link in it (please note: this email may take some time to reach you and could appear in your spam / junk folder). Click on the link in the email and you will be prompted to enter a new password.

How do I register an account?

Selling or Purchasing. If the address you want your order delivered to is not the same as your billing address, please also provide your delivery address. If not, your order will be sent to your billing address.

Is it easy to setup and customise HorecaMarket.Global?

Yes. HorecaMarket.Global is designed as an out of the box solution where you can be setup and using it within a couple of hours. Simply add your product menu & customers and you’re ready to go. And if you use Xero you can be set up in less than an hour

Do you charge a Set Up fee?

We do not charge a Set Up fee, ever  

How do I know my data is safe with HorecaMarket.Global?

HorecaMarket.Global is PCI Compliant We take privacy seriously and recognise the importance of protecting the privacy of information collected by using HorecaMarket.Global. For more information see our Privacy Policy, and also refer to The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is an information security standard for organizations that handle branded credit cards from the major card schemes. The  PCI Standard  is mandated by the card brands but administered by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council.


How do I subscribe to your newsletter?

Click the red button located under ‘Newsletter’ on the bottom left hand side of the Marketplace home page. You can unsubscribe at any time in the future.

How often will I receive the newsletter?

Our subscribers receive a newsletter twice or more per week containing the latest hot topics and news. In addition, our subscribers receive a newsletter supplement on a special topic regarding the latest products each Tuesday. We will be sure to keep you up to date with any special promotions too

How do I unsubscribe from the newsletter?

You can either unsubscribe using the link in the newsletter (top or bottom) or directly in your account by clicking on ‘Newsletter Unsubscribe’. You are also welcome to contact our customer service.  LINK:  Here Important: Please do not mark these emails as Spam, as this may also block other emails from HorecaMarket.Global Store (including order confirmation, delivery details etc.). Note: You cannot unsubscribe from transactional Emails issued by us, as a result of actions on your account (orders, returns etc)

How to get a Quote?

How do I get a Vendor to provide a Quote?

First, you need to have an account set up. List the products that you are interested in getting a quote for and contact the Vendor of those products to discuss if tiered or quantity discounts are available for those products.

Warranty & Returns

What is your returns policy?

Returns & Order Issues   If there has been an error with your order, please contact the Vendor immediately explaining the situation. Each situation will be reviewed by each Vendor on an individual basis in light of the facts and circumstances.   Please note that you may be asked to return some or all of the questionable products for evaluation from the supplier.     Set forth below are examples of valid reasons for returning products.    Please see our Terms and Conditions for further details.     Valid reasons for return:   The wrong product was sent.   Shipper errors – we’ll file a claim against the shipper on your behalf.   Flawed product, providing said the product is returned in its original condition (and with all accompanying items if in a case) within 7 days of receipt together with proof of purchase.   For any further assistance, please contact us.

What steps are involved in a Return?

ENQUIRY & TROUBLESHOOTING A Support team will correspond with you to determine the nature of the reported issue and provide relevant troubleshooting steps. In many cases claims are resolved via correspondence without the need to return the item or arrange an on-site service call. To assist the team in resolving your issue as quickly as possible, please include photos and/or video of the issue when you contact us.   TECHNICAL ASSESSMENT Your item will be assessed by a support team or sent to the brand or Vendor’s in-house service department. Please allow up to 10 business days once the service centre has received the item.   REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT A Vendor may be able to repair your product where possible and may need to order parts from Australian or international warehouses that are required to complete this. Depending on the nature of the fault, you may be entitled to a repair, refund or replacement. For more information please refer to the Terms of Supply.   ITEM RETURN If it’s absolutely necessary to return your item, smaller items are typically returned via a prepaid Australia Post label, while large items will be collected by courier or the Vendor’s repair agents. Large items will need to be suitably packaged for transit prior to return. We strongly recommend that you keep your original packaging to assist in this returns process. Some items such as large appliances like fridges, freezers and ovens may be assessed on-site. If your item is diagnosed as faulty, the Vendor will cover the costs of sending this to the nominated repair centre, however if you are returning a product because you changed your mind, you will need to cover the cost of sending the product back to the Vendor.   REFUNDS If a refund is to be issued, this will be completed by reversing the original transaction.   The faulty item will become the property of the Vendor/HorecaMarket.Global   Please Note: While the return process may take up to 10 business days, excluding transit times, we endeavour to complete returns as quickly as possible, and many are resolved within the week. Return delivery times are estimates only and may vary based on location.   Manufacturer’s Warranty In most instances, where you experience an issue with a product that comes with a (brand’s) manufacturer’s warranty, the manufacturer will be able to provide a faster assessment and remedy. Many manufacturers will have dedicated Support centres with access to more detailed knowledge on their respective products, in addition to better access to spare parts. You may prefer to contact the manufacturer directly to seek a resolution.   If you would prefer the Vendor to assist you, and choose not to go to the manufacturer, then their team will of course be happy to assist you.   MARKETPLACE PRODUCTS If you have purchased a product through the Marketplace, you can contact us through the marketplace directly. Which ever method you prefer, our processing times will be the same however communication will be faster if contacted directly as there is no delay in sending and receiving messages.   In the event that you are unhappy with the remedy offered by our support team, or you believe the remedy is not in accordance with the ACL, please request the support team member to escalate your claim and a more senior representative and we will be more than happy to assist you.   Size Exchange If a product doesn’t fit and needs to be exchanged, please contact our support team via the Contact Us form  LINK:  Here To be eligible for a size exchange, you must make the request within 7 days of receiving the goods and you must return the product within 10 days of the request. Our support team will contact the relevant brand manager and begin the returns process.   If you need to upgrade an item to a larger size, such as a mixer or freezer, our support team may be able to have restocking fees waived if the item is still in its original (undamaged) packaging, has not been used and if you plan on purchasing the new item from the same brand as the original.   In order to make the exchange process as seamless as possible, please have pictures of the goods ready to be assessed. Images can be emailed directly to our support team.   Please do not return the product until the customer service team has provided you with the relevant return details.   Change of Mind Returns We understand that you will not always be able to test and handle products prior to purchase. However we cannot accept a Change of Mind as a reasonable reason to return a product.   Whilst we offer this policy, it is important to note that Consumer Guarantees do not apply if you simply changed your mind, found the item cheaper elsewhere, decided you did not like the purchase, or had no use for it, so please check the item listing carefully at the time of purchase to see if the product you have ordered is eligible for a change of mind return. You can find this information in the Warranty & Returns section of each product listing and request additional details if anything is unclear.   RESTOCKING FEES Our business model is one of high volumes and slim margins to keep your prices down. For these reasons, our suppliers charge 25% (minimum) restocking fees if you change your mind about a purchase or order the wrong item and then want to exchange it for another.   We hate receiving restocking fees from our suppliers and we hate even more having to pass them on to our customers, however if your order needs to be re-routed or returned to its warehouse(s) of origin after being collected by a courier, many additional people become involved to facilitate your return. Unless there is transit damage, a manufacturing defect or a mistake on our end, you will be responsible for any re-delivery and restocking fees if you change your mind about a purchase.   If items have been used or are not returned in all original packaging, a return may not be accepted.   It’s important for your item to be unused and in original packaging to be eligible for return. This is because our suppliers cannot resell an item as brand new once it has been opened. They will need to significantly discount the item it to sell it again.   We ask that you check and double check all measurements, specifications, power fittings and other details before purchasing so we can ensure your order is correct the first time.   If you would like to return an item, please email our support team directly  LINK:  Here   and we will gladly assist you.   Please note that manufacturers which have additional criteria and very strict returns policies.   When returning a product for a size exchange or change of mind, you will be responsible for the cost of return postage, and you must comply with the directions provided by the customer service team. The product will remain your responsibility until it has been received at the address supplied by the Vendor service team. We do not accept any liability for any loss or damage which may occur in transit and we strongly suggest you include insurance with your shipping.   Once the goods have been received and confirmed as being in as-new condition, you will be issued with a store credit which can be redeemed on any product sold on our site, by the Vendor from whom you purchased or refunded for the same value.

Faulty Products

Help, my product is Faulty?

Faulty Products If you are experiencing issues with your product, please refer to our FAQ first for instant answers to frequently asked questions and product specific troubleshooting. If you are unable to find an answer or solution to your issue, you can also contact the Vendor.   Please note that where Products are faulty or damaged upon delivery, photographic evidence of the damage or fault must be submitted to the Vendor within 3 days of receiving the product.   Failure to do so may result in your claim being denied.  

How to Make a Claim?

To lodge a claim: Simply contact the Support team through your account dashboard or email a detailed description of the fault.   To assist in providing you with a speedy resolution, please include photos and/or a short video demonstrating the damage or fault with your product.   All claims are reviewed and in the first instance, attempt to troubleshoot and resolve the issue for you without the need to return your product.   If it is determined via troubleshooting that your product may be faulty, you will be provided with instructions to have the product returned to the brand’s service centre for assessment. If the product does need to be returned, we will arrange return shipping at no cost to you.   For larger items, an on-site assessment may be arranged through the brand’s manufacturer or in-house service centre.   Once the product has been received or assessed on-site, technicians will assess it and determine how to best resolve the issue.

Customers FAQ

General Supply Policy - Alcohol?

General Supply Policy – Alcohol These policies and conditions are an addendium to the general trading policy on HorecaMarket.Global To view and purchase Alcohol, your account must have a valid Liquor license attached to your profile. MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITIES + SPLIT CASES These are set by Vendors on the HorecaMarket.Global platform, given each product is sent from multiple different warehouses and drop shipped to your location. You should expect to pay the rates for shipping as you would normally have done prior to ordering through our platform. If you qualify for Free Shipping, on each Vendor order quantity, then you will not be charged shipping.   EX  SYDNEY  WAREHOUSES: Metro Orders of 2 x 9ltr cases or over  $300  LUC to Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth from across the site incur no delivery fee. Orders of less than 2 x 9ltr cases will incur: $10 per case delivery charge – Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra $15 per case delivery charge – Brisbane, Adelaide $25 per case for Perth, Hobart, Darwin Split case deliveries are only available for products over $30 LUC per unit For any orders outside the cities mentioned above delivery charges WILL apply based on volume and these can be quoted on request/ system generated at the time of your order placement online.   PAYMENT TERMS + METHODS Payment will be pre-payment for all orders unless a New customer Credit application form is completed and approved in advance of the first delivery. Once credit is approved full payment on all invoiced items must be made by the fourteenth of the month following the month of delivery.  14 Days EOM By Cheque  – we do not acceot Cheques By EFT  Account Name –  HorecaMarket.Global PTY Ltd , Bank – ANZ BSB Number -012012 Account No – 476200761 By Credit Card : HorecaMarket.Global PTY Ltd accepts Visa & Mastercard for payment at 1.5% surcharge. Amex incurs a 2.2% fee. Prepayment: We offer 10% off all purchases made prior to dispatch by Visa or Mastercard. To avail this we retain your cc details on file and charge your order before dispatch and send the invoice with the delivery. For more information get in touch with our accounts team.   CLAIMS + ULLAGES All goods will be at customers risk ex-warehouse. Any damage or loss of goods during transport by HorecaMarket.Global PTY Ltd carriers must be notified at the time of delivery. HorecaMarket.Global PTY Ltd will accept faulty stock (including label damage, leaked bottles, corky wines) for replacement. Corky/Tainted wines must be reported within 24 hours of discovery and the contents/bottle retained for inspection. Damaged stock found after delivery must be returned in its original box. In all cases a HorecaMarket.Global PTY Ltd representative must review all returns before a credit note is provided.   GENERAL All products listed are subject to availability and whilst every effort will be made to fulfill the purchasers orders for the product HorecaMarket.Global PTY Ltd shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising as a result of non-availability. All goods remain the property of the Vendor until paid for in full. The customer agrees to notify HorecaMarket.Global PTY Ltd of any change in ownership within 7 days of such change. Irrespective of any terms and conditions in the customers purchase order or the customer not reading the terms and conditions, acceptance (by retaining the goods or by any other method) of the goods ordered by the customer will be conclusive acceptance of the terms and conditions of sale contained above.

How do we benefit Customers?

How does it work? We provide a single credit application to access thousands of   suppliers all on one portal.  Create purchase orders from multiple suppliers in a single “order”.  Be invoiced as one “account”.  Operate as you usually do with the same Terms and pricing, just more efficiently.  Shop across 1000’s of suppliers for the best price, instantly – with no application, or paperwork, and get next day delivery.  HorecaMarket.Global is free for Business Customers to use.  Use our integrated finance solutions to manage your cashflow. Use our Buy Now Pay Later (B.N.P.L) options to spread any payment over 6 months. Buy Equipment, Vehicles, Fit Outs, pay the ATO using our Line of Credit partner options.

Pay my Account by Direct Debit?

Fees include: Payment processing fee If you pay by Direct Debit a payment processing fee will apply. Direct Debits by  Bank Accounts  are charged as follows:  A 0.385% (inc GST) processing fee applies to payments plus A fee of $1.75 (inc GST) will apply for each allocated payments Direct Debits by  Credit Card  are charged as follows:  A 1.8% (inc GST) processing fee applies to payments plus A fee of $1.75 (inc GST) will apply for each allocated payments    This fee will appear on the next account after the bill is paid. HorecaMarket.Global will invoice you directly for this service as opposed to the Vendor. Non-direct debit fee A $2.20 non-direct debit fee will be charged each month if you choose not to pay your bill by direct debit. This applies to accounts with all active services. This applies per invoice. Does not apply where you pay by Credit Card at the time of payment These fees will appear on the next account after the bill is paid. HorecaMarket.Global will invoice you directly for this service as opposed to the Vendor.

Certifications Required

What is HACCP Certification?

HACCP certification   HACCP certification instantly demonstrates to customers your commitment to producing or trading in safe food. This evidence-based approach can be particularly beneficial when you are subject to inspection by regulatory authorities or stakeholders.   Demonstrating a real commitment to food safety through HACCP compliance can also transform your brand and act as an effective entry-to-market tool, opening up new business opportunities around the world.   Our global network of food experts carries out HACCP audits and helps you focus on the hazards that affect food safety and hygiene. It is then possible to systematically identify where the hazards are by setting up control limits at critical points during the food production process.   HACCP certification is an international standard defining the requirements for effective control of food safety. It is built around seven principles:   Conduct Hazard Analysis of biological, chemical or physical food hazards. Determine critical control points. Establish critical control limits, for example, minimum cooking temperature and time. Establish a system to monitor control of Critical Control Points. Establish corrective actions. Establish procedure for verification to confirm that the HACCP system is working effectively. Establish documentation and record keeping. Work with us to achieve HACCP compliance and meet the expectations of a changing world.   https://haccp.com.au/about-us/

How does the platform work?

What types of businesses use HorecaMarket.Global?

HorecaMarket.Global is designed for wholesalers & distributors whose customers order on a regular basis. Wholesalers & distributors customers can place orders on their mobile devices and desktop, eliminating the need for you to take orders in person, over the phone, or email.   HorecaMarket.Global is adaptable for any size business – meaning it can be used as a complete solution with ordering, pick & pack all the way through to delivery or alternatively integrated with your current systems and processes.

What training & support is available for HorecaMarket.Global?

On top of the initial face to face/Video conference /over the phone training to get you up and running you’ll also have access to user guides providing step-by-step instructions on how to use our HorecaMarket.Global solution.   You will also have access to ongoing support via email and instant chat.   Please feel free to contact us, should you require any further assistance.     From all of us at HorecaMarket.Global, we thank you for your support and wish you Happy Trading  

Do I need to install anything to use HorecaMarket.Global?

No. As HorecaMarket.Global is a cloud-based ‘Platform As A Service’ (PaaS) all you need is an internet connection. This also means you can manage ordering and payment anywhere in the world.

Can I add my own brand to HorecaMarket.Global?

HorecaMarket.Global can be tailored to your brand. By uploading your logo and own images, your customers will enjoy a seamless branded ordering & payment experience. Each Vendor has their own Vendor Home page, with the Vendors full details available on that page.     Our approach is not to interfere with your Customer / Vendor relationship, we only want to enhance, not disenfranchise it.

Can I trial HorecaMarket.Global?

There is no cost to set up and account for a Vendor or a Customer. The simplist way is just register and start using the platform, it is super simple to set up your Account profile.

What Savings can I expect from using HorecaMarket.Global?

We can seriously help you save lots in Labour costs by eliminating repedetive tasks (which no one wants to do anyway). We’ve calculated that we can save a Customer up to 33% of your costs and 60% of your time in procuring from new Vendors; And save you up to 13% of your costs and 11% of your time, in maintaining existing Vendor relationships.

Do I have to download an app to use HorecaMarket.Global?

No. HorecaMarket.Global is a web based platform solution meaning it can be used on any device that can connect to the Internet, all pages are automatically responsive and can render on screen as required.

Wholesale prices

How do I see my Custom pricing from my Wholesaler?

We can offer different prices to different customers – when logged in, you will see your negotiated price, if you have negotiated a Discount, it will automatically be reflected in the price displayed to you.  The one exception is if you have been provided with a Voucher code to use in accessing a Discount then you will only see the discounted price after you load the discount voucher code in the shopping cart section of the site. If you purchase and do NOT use the code, the standard price will be applied and cannot be reversed.

Do I need an ABN to purchase ?

To buy through the HorecaMarket.Global platform you are required (as a minimum) to be a current ABN (Australian Business Number) holder.     Typically (not always) this means you will be required to be GST (Goods and Services Tax) registered.   Accordingly – the platform will only display prices Ex GST, if you are registered for GST, the GST will be added to the sales price on the invoice.  

Fee Structure

Do you charge an account Set Up fee?

We do not charge any set up fees, whatsoever.

Do you charge a Platform Subscription fee?

We  do not  charge a Subscription fee for using the platform. We believe as business partners we should try to help you not to create  more  costs within your business. We want to create a corporative model for businesses not a subservient one. Our aim is to reduce your fixed costs of operations, sales and IT infrastructure, and increase your Gross Profit and correspondingly your Net Profit.

Group Pricing & Rebates

If I am ordering for my Group will I see my Groups' pricing?

In Short, YES.   However, this depends on whether or not YOU (as a user of the platform) have been provided access to view such pricing levels.   Group-wide prices are loaded by Vendors, not the Group or their associated Venues/Sites.   Once loaded they will automatically be applied.   Head Office Rebates operate in the same way. However, HQ Rebate management workflows will not be available until 2022.